Job Description of a Personal Property Appraiser & Importance of Jewelry, Coin, Household, Furniture & Antique Collectible Estate Appraisals in Beverly Hills, CA

If you find yourself in the position of being named the executor of a deceased family member’s estate, one of the many overwhelming tasks will be finding the best way to sell the possessions accumulated during the course of your loved one’s life. How do you know the value of what’s in front of you? What might look like an outdated and inexpensive jewelry item may turn out to be a valuable Art Deco piece which is highly prized by the right collector. Or the old Chinese 5 inch diameter ceramic bowl with a saw-tooth pattern etched around the outside that you found discarded in a box in the attic, which would fit right in with all the other stuff in your garage sale; could actually be a rare Northern Song Dynasty bowl worth over $2 million dollars. The point is, you may be sitting on a proverbial goldmine and never even realize it simply because you are not educated in the specifics and origins of the items in your possession.

Job Description of a Personal Property Appraiser

According to Brigitte Kruse and the experts at Brigitte Kruse Appraisal Services, it takes an educated appraiser to identify a priceless treasure from an everyday trinket. When you hire the services of an appraiser you are hiring them to place monetary value on your items which can be used for either an intended sale or insurance purposes. The experienced professionals at Brigitte Kruse Appraisal Services recommend choosing an appraiser that is experienced. Look at the appraisers resume and their areas of expertise. Also ask for a written estimate of the cost of the appraisal and the length of time it will take to complete. Depending on the number of items that need to be appraised, a professional appraiser may require some time to compile a comprehensive assessment.

Personal Property Appraiser Specialties

As much as we might dream that all of the items stored away in boxes are priceless artifacts, chances are many of the items found will be fairly common such as furniture, silverware and dinnerware. Still that’s not to say they won’t be worth a substantial amount of money at auction. It would be prudent and well worth your while to look for an appraiser that specializes in a particular field or fields for example fine jewelry, fine art or coins. Brigitte Kruse is a specialist in many appraisal areas!

Reason for Personal Property Appraisals; Estate, Insurance, Charitable Donations etc

Think about the purpose of your appraisal, do you need the appraisal for insurance purposes? Are you planning to sell? Or are you thinking about donating the item to your favorite charity? A professional appraiser will ask you what you are planning to do with the item to ensure that items in question are appraised accurately. If you are hoping to sell, your appraiser will look at the fair market value of the item. For insurance purposes, your appraiser will consider the replacement value which will also take into consideration the mark up that will be included in the price of an item sold at retail.

Never Repair, Paint or Repurpose Your Furniture & Household Estate Items

Never paint or repair an item before the appraisal process, doing so can dramatically reduce the value of your items. Once your Brigitte Kruse Appraisal Services experienced appraiser has completed their inspection, we can provide you with a list of reputable artisans who will ensure that you receive the high quality specialized repair services needed to preserve your collectibles.

Personal Property Estate Appraisals in Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Palm Springs, Indio & Southern California

For more information regarding the appraisal process of your estate items including jewelry and collectibles, contact Brigitte Kruse and the knowledgeable professionals at Brigitte Kruse Appraisal Services today.

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