Brigitte Kruse brings years of knowledge, education and expertise to the business of quality appraisals in Greater Beverly Hills, CA and the surrounding area. Brigitte Kruse is a graduate personal property appraiser and is USPAP compliant. She specializes in appraisals and valuations of items including Jewelry, Coins, Asian antiques, Art, Designer Clothing and Shoes, Personal property, Antiques, Enamels, Faberge, Heavy Equipment, Commercial Equipment, Eviction Valuations, Russian Antiques, French Antiques, Furniture and much more! We also offer a wide array of specialty appraisal services.

Estate & Divorce Appraisals

Appraisals that are completed for Estate Tax, Probate or settlement purposes of Divorce assets are calculated at fair market value. The appraisal is designed to provide you with an estimate of the typically selling price of your particular valuables in their current condition. At Brigitte Kruse Appraisals we understand our client’s specific needs and we will determine the correct value of each item for your detailed appraisal. Our appraisals are performed fairly in compliance with USPAP standards to provide you with an accurate basis for the equitable division of items for tax and estate planning needs.

Insurance Appraisals

Appraisals that are used for the express purpose of insurance are performed at replacement cost. The replacement cost of an item is an estimate of the cost to replace your treasured valuables with an item that is comparable to the look and quality of the original. The appraisal is also used by your insurance company to determine the appropriate amount of insurance coverage in case of theft or damage. Updating your insured items every 2-3 years is recommended to insure that the value of your personal property is kept current.

Bankruptcy Appraisals

Appraisals that are performed for bankruptcy purposes are completed at both fair market value and replacement value. Our comprehensive appraisal service is designed to provide you with an estimate of the most likely selling price of your valuable items in their current condition. The buying and selling of similar items is also considered when appraising items of value. At Brigitte Kruse Appraisal Service, we understand that the bankruptcy appraisal process can be stressful so we perform this service with compassion, understanding and professionalism.

Hypothetical Appraisals

Sometimes appraisals are made on an item that has never been seen by the appraiser. It may be a case of the item in question no longer being in existence such as an item that was destroyed in a fire or lost or stolen. Hypothetical appraisals are based on information that is supplied by you, for example a bill of sale, previous appraisal service or photographs if they are available. These types of appraisals are based upon the replacement value of an item.

Donation Appraisals

This type of appraisal is performed when items including jewelry are donated to charity or museums etc. Fair market value is used to determine the value of the item and IRS regulations apply.

Professional On-Site Formal Appraisals & Online Valuations

Brigitte Kruse uses her experience as a fifth-generation appraiser to provide you with a written appraisal on items ranging from decorative and fine arts, antiques, furniture, porcelain, silver, glass, bronze, coins, books, fine jewelry, specialty items and collectibles. Brigitte has written thousands of appraisals and has also been called as an expert witness on over 20 cases in the last seven years.

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