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Brigitte Kruse is not only a highly decorated auctioneer, but she is a remarkable appraiser. Brigitte Kruse has pursued a career in appraisals since she was just 16 years of age. Being a fifth generation auctioneer, Brigitte Kruse has had a passion for the industry and has been exposed to advanced education, speaks multiple languages, and continues to explore and learn all she can to continue to grow. Brigitte Kruse is the first woman Auctioneer recognized in the Guinness Book of Records as well as being called upon in dozens of courts cases as an expert witness in recent years. Having such a resume, it’s no wonder why so many of customers deliberately seek out her expertise.

Quality Appraisal Services

Finding a well respected appraiser can be a difficult task. Biased opinion can often influence some valuations, but with Brigitte Kruse’s professionalism, you can rest assured that she upholds the standards the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) outline. Included in the wide range of appraisal items, Brigitte Kruse of Southern California indulges in fine art appraisals.

Fine Art Appraisals for Insurance, IRS Charitable Donations, Estates & Divorce Purposes

Acquiring fine art paintings for your collection is always exciting, especially when the particular artist is one of your favorites. Paintings can accentuate a living space with their colors, strokes and themes. But part of having the exceptionally fine art paintings is having them insured in case of theft or unforeseeable damage. Insurance companies require an appraisal to assure the value of the piece. Along with needing an appraisal for insurance properties, your art also needs the appraisal concerning IRS charitable donations, estates, and dissolution of marriage. Brigitte Kruse performs appraisals for fine art having extensive training and knowledge regarding the various art paintings found across the world. With Brigitte Kruse conducting your fine art appraisal, thorough research is involved along with dedication and passion to conduct an in depth appraisal.

Antique & Contemporary Fine Art Appraisals

Fine art appraisals include antique and contemporary art, paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings. These fine art pieces are expertly appraised and a full and detailed report is provided to discern the various attributes they possess. An appraisal is an import legal document, which is an accurate way to detail the value of your piece. Appraisals vary from Fair Market Value, Replacement Value and Marketable Cash Value and Brigitte Kruse can be sure you are getting the correct appraisal for your specific needs. Research, calculations, and documentation are all important elements involving your fine art appraisal.

Definition of Fair Market, Replacement & Marketable Cash Value

There are two types of value more commonly used in the appraisal process; Fair Market Value and Replacement Value. Additionally, Marketable Cash Value is used somewhat as well. Liquidation value and actual cash value can be involved in various appraisals but are rarely used in fine art appraisals.
Fair Market Value is required by the IRS regarding charitable contributions and inheritance tax. Fair Market Value is a legal term as defined in Black’s Law Dictionary that courts utilize. It is the price at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts. Fair Market value is basically the hypothetical value, yet is the value that most people will agree to trade on. It is not necessarily wholesale or retail value, but it could be reasonably close. When it comes to Fair Market Value, Brigitte Kruse Appraisals considers the fair value as the price people are willing to pay for the fine art.
Replacement Value is primarily used for insurance appraisals. It is defined as the price in terms of cash or other precisely revealed terms that would be required to replace the item with another of similar age, quality, origin, appearance and condition within a reasonable length of time in an appropriate and relevant market. Generally high-end value, Replacement Value is the amount of money that the owner will set the price for a desired fine art piece on short notice. Fair Market Value and Replacement Value are commonly found at two entirely different prices. Brigitte Kruse distinguishes between the two different values, and articulates that in a written report.

Fine Art Appraisals in Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Palm Springs, Indio & Southern California

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