Written Will & Probate Estate Planning Appraisals

Brigitte Kruse Appraisal Services supplies anyone in need of a valuation or appraisal services. With Brigitte Kruse spear heading our business, you are getting an impressive package. Her expertise has landed her name in the Guinness Book of Records more than once. She has assisted in multiple trial cases as an expert witness, and has passionately studied a number of cultures, languages, and antiquities. Coming from a long line of family auctioneering, Brigitte Kruse is the fifth generation to carry on the tradition. Affordable valuations, and unbiased, detailed formal appraisals that are expertly written and guaranteed to conform to the guidelines and excel the high standards and code of ethics of both the Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and the International Society of Appraisers (ISA).

Will & Probate Estate Appraisals to Divide the Estate & Determine Tax Liability

Estate Appraisal Services offered by Brigitte Kruse Appraisal Services are often needed in the event of a loss of a loved one. Banks and trust companies request a professional written appraisal regarding the possessions of the state. For example; furniture, art, antiques, jewelry, collectibles, and other such belongings need to be appraised for their value. Whether a written will exists or a probate case is required to divide the estate; appraisal services are required to determine personal property values. Federal and state law also require the estate to be appraised. This is in order to assess the overall value of its personal property for tax purposes. This is especially true when valuing assets in high-value estates. Appraisals can help determine whether estate taxes are due as well as how much.

Personal Property Appraisals

Having your estate appraised can also help you decide what should be sold, kept or just tossed. Items that have sentimental value that you already intend on adding to your collection should definitely be appraised as well. Inheriting a coin collection or an impressive work of art can also determine the value attached in the event you need to pay off some debts. Brigitte Kruse Appraisal Services has vast knowledge about multiple subjects, and using research, resources, and the expertise, we can find the current value of the estate.

Brigitte Kruse Appraisal Services can assist in your decisions regarding Estate Service such as:
– Purchasing insurance for any items.
– Dividing the assets between surviving family members.
– Value the estate’s worth for charitable tax deductions.

As well as answer appraisal questions such as:
– What is all the stuff worth?
– What is junk?
– What is valued?
– What is worth holding onto?
– What would appreciate in value as the years pass?
– What is irreplaceable?

Method to Divide an Estate & Family Possessions Equally and/or Fairly

When investing in a Brigitte Kruse Appraisal Services estate appraisal service, it can be appraised and help fairly divide the estate without causing undo complications, and allow you to have a trusted source that can give you a fair, unbiased, and well detailed report of all the estates worth while you are also trying to figure out the affairs of the estate during your time of grief. Obtaining an estate appraisal can also be conducted for the living owners to ensure their estate is divided evenly among the recipients intended in their written will to avoid confrontations, as well as find benefactors for items they feel belong in a museum or something of that nature.

Written Will & Probate Estate Planning Appraisals in Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Palm Springs, Indio & Southern California

Brigitte Kruse Appraisal Services provide estate appraisals at affordable rates, and pass along a comprehensive report adhering to the specific guidelines, standards, and codes to ensure you are getting the current appraisal value. Call us at Brigitte Kruse Appraisal Services today to schedule your estate appraisal appointment!

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