Blue Sapphire September Birthstone Gem; Meaning, Asterism Star Sapphire History & How to Tell if a Sapphire is Real or Synthetic Glass!

The sapphire is considered one of the most beautiful of all the precious stones and is known to range in color from blue to violet, and all shades in between. Some may not realize but other major fancy sapphire color categories also include pink and purple, orange and yellow, green, colorless and black! Historically the better known blue sapphire has been associated with the planet Venus and violet stones in particular are associated with the number three. Sapphire is the stone which represents both Taurus and Gemini in the Zodiac and is the birthstone for September. In Greek Mythology, the sapphire is associated with the God of Apollo and is said to have the powers of sight or the “third eye”.

Meaning of Sapphire Gemstones

The sapphire is a stone of royalty and it is said to attract wealth and protection for the person who wears it. Lawyers of ancient times coveted the sapphire as it was believed that the sapphire’s power was though to banish fraud. The stone was also said to be an antidote to poison and many people believed that the sapphire would increase the health of the owner and keep illness at bay and aid in healing especially the health of the eyes.

Asterism Star Sapphire

Born in 1821, Sir Richard Francis Burton was a British explorer who was famed for his travels and explorations in the orient. Sir Richard often traveled with a large star sapphire (a cabochon sapphire that reflects a star like image) known as an asteria which he believed brought him prosperity and good luck. The asterism sapphire has also been referred to as a “Stone of Destiny” because of the three bars that resemble a cross and have been linked to faith, hope and destiny in Christian mythology. Some ancient scholars even believed that it could divine the future, ward off evil, and guide travelers; and many prophesied that the stones influence would remain even if the stone passed from the original owner’s hands to the hands of another.

Dark, Royal, Cornflower & Light Blue Value Calculator

When estimating the value of a sapphire, color is one of the most important elements from the hue to the purity of color. However color saturation is of the utmost importance since only a select few sapphires are found to reach vivid levels of saturation. Dark sapphires are so plentiful that they never reach very high values. Sapphires from Kashmir are the most highly prized because the stones can only be found for a few months of the year nestled high in the Himalaya Mountains. They are renowned not only for their excellent coloring but also for their silk which causes each stone to develop a velvety appearance.

What do Rubies & Sapphires Have in Common?

Rubies and sapphires are both corundum gemstones that are scientifically the same mineral, only they differ in color. Ruby is the red variety and Sapphire can be found in many other colors; the most highly prized being blue. There has been much disagreement surrounding pink sapphires and rubies. Some authorities have established that only corundum gems with a dominant red hue are true rubies while others claim that any red corundum including pink is a ruby and not a pink sapphire.

Synthetic Glass Sapphires VS Natural

Both rubies and sapphires were synthesized in the early 1900’s by a simple process known as flame fusion. Today, many sapphires are grown in labs and modern production methods can even simulate natural formation conditions so closely that the stones can be difficult to tell apart without being examined by a professional experienced appraiser.

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