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Have you come across an old book wondering how much it might be worth? You can tirelessly search for similar books to try and determine its value or you can simply use a professional appraiser to let you know.

Terms Used in Rare Book Descriptions

One of the determining factors of worth are the circumstances around which the book was printed. For example, edition is the term that includes all of the copies of a book that are printed at any time from one particular set of type without huge changes to the layout or text of the pages. First editions are usually worth more than later printings. Impression is the term used that includes all the copies of a book that are printed at one time or in one press run. Before 1700, was a period of time where a hand press was used with movable type from the press as soon as a set number of copies was printed. Any time additional copies were printed, the printer needed to be reset and each time this happened, it resulted in a different impression. And therefore a different edition because the two terms meant the same thing due to the working methods used at the time. Today, the term edition is used for older books and impression is used for newer books. In America, the term printing is used more often than impression whenever books are published. The essentially have the same meaning. Issue and state are terms that reference changes made within an edition of a book that doesn’t change the layout or text of a book in a large way. Spelling mistakes are often directed at correcting spelling mistakes or information on the cover of a book review that a publisher may want on the dust jacket after copies have already gone on sale. New issues are used to fix mistakes in a previous version that were missed before printing started. States are also small changes made to the binding, text, or dust jacket in an addition.

Appraisers Can Provide Accurate Appraisals Based on a Number of Factors

Books can be collectible without being antiques and will keep their value whether they are rare, contemporary, non-fiction, comic, antique, art or illustrated. Literary importance, rarity and physical condition will determine the value of vintage books. The condition of a book will determine its value. Staining, browning, or spotted pages (foxing), broken spines, torn or missing pages will all affect the amount your book will appraise for. An amateur may look at a book and think it looks old but it could be a first edition of a rare book that has the original paper boards, making it valuable. If the book is desirable, it may be in demand. If the book is rare with few copies it will be more valuable. It may be difficult to find out exactly how many copies of a book exist but it may be helpful to search by looking into Institutional and Library holdings or online databases. Some buyers will pay more for first edition. Knowing the provenance or who owned the book before, may be a benefit. If the previous owner was famous then it may look more desirable to buyers. If the book has signatures to the title page or any other marks of identification it can increase the appraisal.

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