Guide to Selling an Antique at Auction in Beverly Hills, CA; Get an Appraisal & Hire a Licensed Auction House that Specializes in Antiques!

If you are thinking about selling your antiques at auction; you will not only need to have a full understanding of what you are selling but also how, when and where is the best time to sell your items. Remember that knowledge is the key to understanding not only what the item you have may be worth but also the various selling options that are available to you. There are literally hundreds of different venues available at your very fingertips for selling your antiques and collectibles including online internet auctions, local auction houses, classified ads, antique dealers and antique fairs. In fact the list is practically endless. While you might think that selling your items will be easy, there is one other thing that you will need to consider and that is to never sell your antiques & collectibles unless you are fully aware of what you are selling. The experienced appraisal experts at Brigitte Kruse Appraisal Services will ensure that you receive the correct appraisal of your item along with any information available pertaining to the historical significance or relevance of the piece or pieces that you are interested in putting up for auction.

Selling Antiques Through Your local Auction House & Consignment Service

Selling antiques through an auction house is probably the most popular way to sell your antiques and collectibles. Not only is it the easiest option available to you, it is also the most rewarding. Brigitte Kruse and GWS Auctions, LLC have both experienced and knowledgeable expert appraisers and auctioneers on hand to not only assess the value of your items but also to explain the auction process to you in detail every step of the way.

Online Auction Catalogs

The internet has placed a huge impact on the auction market by allowing buyers and collectors to research items in the luxury of their homes and businesses. After obtaining a formal appraisal or online valuation, you can research similar items to see what people are paying for them at this time. The knowledgeable professionals at GWS Auctions, LLC also has auction catalogs available which can be viewed on their website at to search and download as prior to the actual viewing and day of their auctions. You may find similar items to the antiques you are looking to sell there as well.

Hire a Reputable & Licensed Auction House

Reputable auction services that have invested in building up a strong presence on the internet ensure that the items and collectibles you place up for auction are viewed by local, national and international buyers which will ensure that you will achieve the most lucrative sales price possible when your item sells. Always make sure that you are fully aware of the fees that the auction company will charge before you submit your items for auction. At Brigitte Kruse Appraisals and GWS Auctions, LLC our reputation for fair and honest practices proceeds us and we have a high standing of success in fulfilling our business obligations whether you are buying or selling items at auction.

Research Antique Appraiser & Auctioneer

It is also important to research the appraiser and auction house to ensure that they are knowledgeable with the type of items you are interested in selling, if they have sold similar items in the past and can give you an honest assessment of what final price you might be likely to achieve. While there is no guarantee that your item will be sold at auction, you will want to minimize the risk of a low-sale or no-sale as much as you possibly can. Check with your Auctioneer regarding any reserve price services terms and conditions. Keep in mind that there is no use placing an antique painting with an auctioneer who specializes in vintage toys.

Antique Formal Appraisals & Online Valuations in Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Palm Springs, Indio & Southern California

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